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Topic Title: Congenital Vascular Malformation (CVM)
Created On: 03/14/2003 01:24 AM
 05/24/2006 12:22 PM

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Dr Yakes is 3037884280. Please be careful and have Dr. Yakes fully evaluate you for the therapy. He caused me permenant nerve damage and I will be in constant pain the rest of my life because of him. I know he has helped hundreds of people but he did not help me.
 05/11/2005 08:49 PM

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Hi,I`ve been diagnosed with congenital veneous malformation limited to my right forearm .I`ve had medical insurance for a while but for some unknown reason my insurance carrier refused my requst for scelotherapy treatments. I`d appreciate if someone could give me Dr Yates contact information. thanks.
 04/16/2005 03:49 PM

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Knowing what I know now about VM's I would have contacted Dr. Yakes before anyone else.He has been the one bright light at the end of a long dark tunnel.Take the time to drop him a line and see what he would suggest..It cant hurt..good luck...
 06/07/2004 11:11 PM

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My first venous malformation removed in the throat was done by scapel , the whole tumor was removed but it was a horrific experience because of the complications afterwards . I had multiple blood loss going to my jaw and muscles around it that caused me to have to undergo 2 bone graphs and 3 muscle. I also had a lot of damage done to the nerves around my face from having so many surgeries to repair the lost muscle. I recently had it come back in the throat again but this time they used lazer(and it was a different dr) it seems to be going ok so far but it looks like they will have to go back one more time but it was nothing to compare to the first surgery years ago. I have never had alchohol injections but the drs might want to go that route with the malformation in my shoulder , so that will be new to me.
 03/02/2004 04:13 AM

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I would be interested in anyone who has compared the treatments for vascular malformations. I have heard of Dr. Warner in Arkansas who uses a laser and/or scapel for treatment. My son is currently being treated by Dr. Yakes using Alcohol injection. Does anyone know which treatment is more effective? What are the risks?
 02/15/2004 01:23 AM

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I have never heard of Dr. Yakes but thanks so much for the referal ! I wrote his name and town he is in . I had a dr here in Texas that is about to become a resident of a research hospital that wants to meet me hopefully by the end of the month but im glad to have another dr I might have back up to call on because I had originally went to dr. Waner in Arkansas and he wanted to help me but he couldn't because the hospital wouldn't allow him to take the case because I didn't have the health insurance so I will keep Yakes in mind incase this happens here again with this dr in Tx. Thanks so much !
 02/14/2004 04:05 PM

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 02/04/2004 10:36 PM

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I have been on birthcontrol (pill) going on 13 yrs now and I can't seem to tell a difference from when I take them and when im not ..I have yet to figure out just what triggers the growths or pain ..seems like no matter what I change or don't , its still the same - pain ..but I have recently been advised that its better not to be on birth control so im thinking seriously of getting my tubes tied so thats one less thing I have to worry about making them flare up worse
 02/04/2004 10:30 PM

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I was curious to know if there is any others out there that have similar circumstances like me . I have had 4 deep venous malformations since birth (now age 29) the first one was in the right jaw throat area, the second was in the left knee, the third is under the left arm(pit) and shoulder area and now I have discovered that the one in my mouth has relapsed and is also growing on the whole right side of my tongue . It has been an impossible task of getting health insurance because they don't want to cover these so im having to find drs that can do the procedures for free which is just about as hard as getting insurance ...anyone out there going thru similar?
 09/03/2003 11:52 PM

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We just finished our second treatment with Dr. Yakes in Denver for our son. I would be interested in hearing the experiences of others with his treatments.

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