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Topic Title: Wallenstein Klinik in Germany
Created On: 10/20/2014 09:50 AM
 10/20/2014 09:50 AM

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<p>Hello everyone, I want to introduce you a professional hospital of laser treatment in Germany, which I heard from my friend. He suffered with bleeding hemorrhoid for many years. His doctor suggested surgery, but he worried about the risk of the operation. An acquaintance of him, who lives in Nuremberg, knows that there is a great doctor there. So he flew across the sea, went to the Wallenstein Klinik and met Dr. Felix Koc. After meticulous check and an operation with laser, there is a very little wound on his body. Only couples of weeks he completely recovered his health and enjoys his invaluable life again.</p>
<p>This is the Wallenstein Klinik, which specialises in treating various diseases with the laser method. The hospital is located in Nuremberg, Germany. Since 2008, the Wallenstein Klinik is jointly managed by Cengiz &Uuml;nver and Dr. Felix Koc. With advanced laser therapy, the Klinik is committed to relieving patients&acute; pain and improving quality of life. We treat venous disease (thrombosis, varicose veins), skin disease (skin cancer, onychomycosis, spider-like disease, skin ringworm), coccyx fistula, rectal diseases (hemorrhoids, anal fistula, rectal colon cancer, intestinal polyps and genital warts) and and pilonidal sinuses.</p>
<p>Why laser surgery?</p>
<p>Laser surgery is a very sophisticated procedure of modern medicine. As compared to conventional treatment methods, modern laser treatment offers various benefits: Focuses of diseases are thoroughly removed without any wounds; affected vessels are simply shut down. Laser treatment is a gentle procedure which is largely painless for the patient. Furthermore, the healing process is considerably accelerated.</p>
<p>Why Wallenstein Klinik?</p>
<p>We have highly experienced hospital staff. Dr. Felix Koc, the attending physician, graduated from the Charles University Medical School, which is one of the oldest universities in Europe, founded by the Roman Emperor Charles IV in Prague in 1348. Through more than 35 years of experience of rectal disease and venous disease as physician in the Czech Republic and Germany, Dr. Koc is a renowned expert in the field of laser medicine. Since 1978, thousands of patients are healed by Dr. Felix Koc with the particularly smooth and gentle treatment method. Therefore, among various kinds of German medical forums and review sites, Dr. Felix Koc always receives unanimously recommendation.</p>
<p>You can see the Satisfaction of our patients</p>
<p> (German)</p>
<p>[url=][/url] (English)</p>
<p> (German)</p>
<p>Wallenstein Klinik has first-class medical equipment. The laser units used by us are state-of-the-art units. The units are sophisticated developments from the USA. All our patients can choose between single and double rooms with high-quality facilities. The rooms have flat-screen TV, Internet access, telephone and a bathroom. Good reputation of our innovative laser methods attracts patients from all over the world, Germany, Eastern Europe, the United States. Now we hope that our advanced laser technology can bring health to more patients.</p>
<p>Our English website</p>
<p>If you or your families are troubled by venous disease, rectal diseases, skin disorders, or pilonidal sinuses, please contact us. We always welcome your letters and would be happy to answer your questions.</p>
<p>Email Address: [email protected] (taking into account the time difference, we will get back to you as soon as possible).</p>

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