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Topic Title: Varicose to Spider Veins
Created On: 02/19/2002 11:40 PM
 03/12/2013 02:28 AM

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Sclerotherapy is one of the medical procedure that is being perfomed to removed spider veins and varicose veins. Thsi is very helpful to prevent in having recurrence of the problem.

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 03/31/2002 04:56 PM

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Hope you are still checking your post. I had a vein removed by surgery about 10-11years ago. This was by small incisions being made down the leg. It was a successful operation however exactly what is happening to your leg happened to mine.I'm now at present having sclerotherapy. The doctor told me that 80% of his sclero-therapy patients were people who had had a vein surgery and that my leg with its superficial veins and spider veins was typical of someone who has previously had surgery.Apparently it happens.(The radiologist who did the ultra-sound on my leg told me that the surgeon had done a good job) However over the years leg has got progressively worse and I've just been putting up with it until now.I've just had my 3rd lot of injections -can't say whether the whole procedure is a success yet as I'm still undergoing treatment-it started on 11th March.If you look in the subject Vein Ligation & sclerotherapy on the main forum page you'll see my postings to another person undergoing sclero. I hope this helps - let me know if you want a progress report. I hope you are able to make a decision one way or another and get nice presentable pain free legs again!(This is what I'm hoping for myself too!)
 02/19/2002 11:40 PM

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I had my surgery a year ago, my doctor made small incisions from my knee down to remove a bulging vein, I had since age 13, now 35. I thought it was wonderful after it heeled and the bulge was gone. But now my leg is turning purple and blue from all the spider veins starting to show up, in the exact spot where my vein was removed. My doc said it is normal, but now he wants to do the injections..I am now afraid of the side effects of it not working. Does the injections really make the spider veins disappear? My leg looks so black now and ugly. He checked for any clots and there is none. Can anyone give me some feedback on the injection procedures? Thanks.

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Varicose Vein
By adrianwillson

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In most cases the varicose veins doesn't cause any pain but it looks ugly. So treatment of varicose veins required and vein care must be done by the people. Giving a visit the to the vein doctor is ...

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