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Topic Title: Another Vessel Rupture
Created On: 01/21/2005 05:50 AM
 07/27/2009 03:22 PM

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HI, I know these posts are old but I was wondering whether you have any more information about why your veins have ruptured. I have experience 3 in teh last 2 months and think it is very strange. The 1st happened in my right arm where you usually have blood drawn.. i felt a sharp prick and when i looked at my arm i saw the bruise forming immediately.. it was small. This happened after 2 hours of having arrived home from a flight. I had received some stressful news on ground. The 2nd happened while i was flying. I felt a very sharp pain in my forefinger and saw the 1st part of my forefinger turn blue before my eyes within 10 seconds or so. It was weak and a little shakey. The pain came back after several days and took a couple for the bruising to go away. The 3rd has just happened now.. 2 weeks after the second time and it is exactly the same spot as the first only on the left hand. There is definitely something goingon.. I have also been alittle stressed today but not overly. I am a flight attendant and have had this job for two years now. I am 30 years of age and apart from headaches i suffer foot pain which could possibly be due to Bunion. I am not 100% sure though. Any ideas?? I've had other strange symptoms which I have gone to Doctors for in the past only to have them look at me like I am imagning it all. Any help/ideas or similar stories?? I'm sure it is nothing serious but it is frustrating not knowing. sincerely Kath
 02/09/2007 11:38 PM

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I thought I'd searched the Internet well, but finding this site tonight-well, I'm glad I perservered. All this time I'd thought I was the only one. Now I know there are others, but it seems the mystery remains. I've had this for about 4 years, maybe more. When I asked him about it, my doctor looked at me like: Why are you asking me a silly question like, "Why do the veins in my hands burst spontaneously, causing severe pain for several minutes?" (He didn't have a clue.) AND he'd never heard of it. I just decided to live with it and hope it didn't mean I would have an aneurysm or hemorrhagic stroke someday. But, it happened again tonight. This time right at the base of my middle finger. And the pain made me angry so here I am. I am 51. I am an RN and spend a lot of time on my feet. I heard some people mention that steroids may be connected, but I don't and can't take steroids. I'm post-menopausal--had a hysterectomy in 1995, and am on hormone replacement therapy. I have developed hypertension recently. There's got to be a common denominator. When we find it, we'll hopefully be able to help ourselves.
 01/21/2005 05:50 AM

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I had another rupture two nights ago, the last one happening in November. I ran out to shovel, quickly, no coat or mittens which was not a good idea considering my Raynauds. Came back in after about 5 min and felt a pinch on my palm below my index finger, left hand. Looked down and sure enough I was having a vessel rupture at the bottom of my finger. It turned blue/purple, hurts like a bruise and now two mornings later has a white spot in the center and it's hard to say whether it's just healing or not. My husband is a physician and definitely feels that there is something going on with the vessels in my hands but that I have been having these episodes for over 13 years and that I should try not to worry. I called my primary in November about the previous rupture and she said, "we know that there's something wrong with you but we don't know what. It resolves on it's own so try not to worry." I have been worked up over the years, seen more physicians than I can count and they have found nothing wrong with me. I sit here, scared out of my mind, having no one to turn to. I was thinking that perhaps we should as a group find a researcher willing to take up the cause. Living like this is maddening. Robin

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