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Topic Title: Compression Therapy
Created On: 10/28/2003 07:31 AM
 09/06/2011 03:22 PM

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That's a very good question. Knowing what causes vein diseases can help combat or prevent the occurrence of such. This type of disease is over looked and without knowing how it came to be we wouldn't know that we are already suffering from it until we’ve seen the symptoms. Symptoms may seem harmless at first but can develop into serious problems if left untreated. Fortunately, early detection can prevent life threatening consequences.[br][br]There are two kinds of blood vessels in the body, the arteries and the veins. To better understand how vein diseases develop, we must keep in mind the functions of these two. Arteries are the blood vessels that bring blood from the heart to the different organs in the body. Veins, on the other hand are blood vessels that bring the blood from the different parts of the body to the heart. So just imagine, if a person is suffering from a certain type of vein disease, it means that supply of blood to the heart is impaired. Normally, the first sign of vein disease is the feeling of heaviness and tiredness of the feet.[br][br]There are many causes of vein disease. These factors contribute to the weakness or absence of vein valves – which function to keep blood flowing in the veins toward the heart, and weakness of the walls of the veins – which causes the pooling of blood.[br]Factors that causes vein disease include age – primary persons between ages 30 – 35 years old, gender – more women are prone than men especially during pregnancy and menopausal period, obesity, family history of vein disease, prolong standing and sitting and severe leg bruises or injury.[br][br]If you feel you may have any of these predisposing factors I suggest you take measures to prevent it from occurring. Today, compression technology advanced and more people are wearing compression stockings or socks or hosiery to help prevent swelling of the leg or development of varicosities. These specialized support stockings are available in different size and style to fit any individuals taste and preference. I am a casual wearer of support hosiery. I purchased them online from Legs Therapy. They carry a wide range of brands at very reasonable price, much lower than those available locally and they offer free shipping! The styles available are very amazing and wearing it feels like I am just wearing a pair of normal socks or stockings but with benefits. I highly recommend people to wear support stockings or socks. Leg health is important too! [br][br]I hope this helps! Best of Luck![/font][br][br][br]
 10/28/2003 07:31 AM

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I am a male53 years old. I have suffered from CVI since expeiencing DVT in the inferior vena cava and both legs at the age of 20. I have experienced recurring ulceration since then, primarily inthe left ankle area. I had an episode of thrombo phlebitis in the iccompetent veins on my pelvis which spread into the inner thigh before being treated with Heparin. Since then I have experinced wounds on both sided of the ankle that refuse to heal at all. I am currently applying Mepolex dressings under compression stockings. Application of new gel producing dressings such as Phomogram have proved to painful to tolerate for long. I manage the condition in conjunction with the wound clinic at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford and do all my own dressing. Through conservative care and self treatment I have been able to live a reasonable quality of life until now. I continue to work but the latest episode has made that more difficult because of the levels of discharge and the effects of gravity. It is a very lonely condition with little interest from the vascular dept since diagnosis 30 years ago. Any news of products or developments before I explore the possibilities of early retirement?

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Varicose Vein
By adrianwillson

Posted: Oct 13, 2018
In most cases the varicose veins doesn't cause any pain but it looks ugly. So treatment of varicose veins required and vein care must be done by the people. Giving a visit the to the vein doctor is ...

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