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Topic Title: Understanding the Causes that Can Lead to Spider Veins
Created On: 06/14/2014 02:42 AM
 09/07/2016 06:31 AM

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<p>Spider veins are almost similar to varicose veins but there is a little bit difference between both veins. The spider veins may be cosmetic but varicose veins can be serious depending on the severity. Compared to varicose veins, spider veins are less painful and they are small lines whcih looks red, purple or blue in color. Well there are treatments available which can completely remove spider veins.</p>
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 06/14/2014 02:42 AM

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<p dir="ltr">Spider veins are very small blood vessels that are very common; appearing under the skin as purple, blue, and red veins in twisted unsightly patterns. They do not always cause health risks but many patients seek treatment largely due to cosmetic reasons rather than for pain or discomfort. Spider veins tend to form in the lower extremities of the body and the face. We will take a close look at what causes are behind them, which will help you to understand when you should seek treatment for them and give you some healthy tips for prevention as well.</p>
<h6 dir="ltr">Hormonal Changes Causing Spider Veins:</h6>
<p dir="ltr">When women go through puberty, pregnancy, or menopause they have hormonal changes that can affect the amount of collagen found within the vein walls. The blood may begin to pool due to the veins becoming weaker causing the unattractive looking spider veins as a result. In pregnancy the growing uterus places enormous pressure on the surrounding veins and arteries. Taking medications containing the hormones estrogen or progesterone can also lead to the formation of[url=]spider veins[/url].</p>
<h6 dir="ltr">Life-style Could Lead to Spider Veins:</h6>
<p dir="ltr">One of the most common life-style habits that leads to spider veins is inactivity. If the leg muscles are not getting regular exercise they become weak and they are unable to hold veins up due to a diminished structure. The lack of exercise also causes poor circulation which contributes to the development of vein issues. The condition of your veins is put at risk by not drinking enough water throughout the day too. Smoking and drinking alcohol can also be a contributing factor to spider veins as well. Obesity, heredity, and older age are other concerns related to spider veins. A lot of direct sunlight exposure can greatly increase your chances of forming spider veins on your cheeks and nose if you are fair-skinned.</p>
<h6 dir="ltr">Tips for Prevention</h6>
<p dir="ltr">To keep your veins functioning well make sure to make some good lifestyle changes such as going for a daily 30 minute walk, keeping yourself hydrated with water throughout the day, and avoiding smoking and alcohol consumption. If you have been inactive for a long time, start your exercise slowly. For example doing a walk around your immediate block and as your body becomes used to the exercise you can add to the length of your walks. You don't want to put your health at risk by over doing it when you start doing a daily exercise routine. Play it smart by keeping in mind that slow and steady wins the race and that the leading cause of spider veins is inactivity.</p>

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