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Topic Title: Sudden port wine stain base of hairline posterior neck
Created On: 08/05/2002 09:05 AM
 12/31/2013 03:46 PM

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<p>Even if you do have a port wine mark- they can be treated! [url=]Lasers that are used for scars also can remove dis-colored stains like port wine stains[/url]. </p>
<p> </p>
<p>The bottom line is- keep it, if it makes you distinguished like Gorbachev... Or if not, get it removed. Or make it the center of a tat..! </p>
 12/11/2013 05:09 PM

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<p>Is it somewhere that you wouldn't have noticed it earlier? They're farely common (1 in every 333 people has one) and typically aren't a big deal. They're caused by abnormal formation of veins If you've never noticed it before, it's possible that the skin around that area is thinning and the veins are becomming more visible. Or it might just be in a place that you don't typically notice. My brother started balding a few years back and was surprised to find a port wine stain on a part of his head that had always previously been covered with hair. </p>
 03/17/2003 10:25 AM

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Don't be alarmed by the name port wine stain IS indeed a birthmark. Remember Mikhail Gorbachov and the "map of america" on his forehead. Its the same thing. Being Caucasian probably doesn't matter much ehar excepting that there is more contrast with skin color. It IS cosmetic for the most part so I wouldn't worry too much.
 08/05/2002 09:05 AM

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My wife first noticed port wine stain three years ago---she is of the immpression that a person is born with this condition---I am a 71 year old caucasian---can someone please explain?

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