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Topic Title: Post Hand IV pain
Created On: 08/14/2003 04:01 PM
 08/26/2003 11:47 PM

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It may be trauma due to the IV placement, or it could be trauma due to the medications that were infused. Or, it just might be a sensitive hand/vein area and it will clear in a bit. I would have your hand checked by your physician, and, if you can recall, let them know what drugs were used through that IV site. All the best to you.
 08/14/2003 04:01 PM

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I had appendix surgery on August 1st and had to stay in the hospital for a few days. During that time, I had three IV's placed in my veins. One in my right arm, then one in my left arm, and followed by one in the back of my left hand. While in my left hand, I experienced pain associated with antibotics administered through the IV. Warm blankets were used to keep my hand warm during this procedure. On the last day, I had discomfort and noticeable blood surrounding the IV's entrance into the back of my hand after my shower. However, it was used one last time for naseau medicine before I was released from the hospital. Afterwords, I experienced some pain in my hand, but other pain distracted me. It is now August 14th and my surgical pain has diminished. Now, I notice pain and swelling of the vein on the back of my hand and I am worried that it could be something serious. Is there any non-hospital treatment or the possibility that over time the vein will feel better by itself?

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