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Topic Title: Bursting Blood Vessels in Hands
Created On: 10/07/2003 11:59 AM
 02/17/2014 02:46 PM

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<p>Hi, I'm 42. I found this thread because I was searching on veins rupturing in my fingers. It hurts really bad as everyone else has described.</p>
<p>One thing that's kind of weird, is I do have Raynaud's disease. I'm 5'3" and weigh 130lb now, so it's pretty mind. It used to be quite a nusense when I was younger and weighed 120lb, but putting on weight appears to have helped.</p>
<p>I also have eczema.</p>
<p>The first time I ruptured a vein in my finger was about two years ago and I was eating edamame, squeezing it out of the pods. The burst vein was so bad I couldn't bend my finer, and my entire finger turned green and was bruised for a month. My finger was numb, and I also experienced pain, when using my finger. It took about a year for my finger to fully recover.</p>
<p>The second time was three days ago and I was walking a dog who pulled on his leash. My finger is still green. It looks like Achenbach's clears up within a day or two </p>
<p>As Virya posted on 02/13/2010 08:17 PM, I do have collagen issues. I was diagnosed with Hyper Mobility Syndrome a couple of years ago. I have always really been flexible, and was disappointed to find out it's a genetic disorder. I have been in physical therapy for a year to tighten up my ligaments because I hurt my back by apparently shifting my hip out of place. This causes sciatic back pain.</p>
<p>I do have an auto immune disorder, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis so my own immune system is attacking my thyroid gland. Maybe my body is attacking my collagen as Virya mentioned.</p>
<p>I do believe there's something I may have done to weaken my collagen even further. When I injured my finger the first time, I was taking bromelain because it's supposed to be a great anti inflammatory and help with pain like back pain. The problem is, it breaks down collagen [url=][/url] Thank Virya for pointing our collagen is probably at the root of the issue.</p>
<p>For this past week before I injured my finger again, I was making protein shakes that contain pineapple, so I believe that is probably the culprit for me. I was also replacing tart cherries (which bost collagen) with the pineapple because Costco hasn't restocked the cherries.</p>
<p>I will try Virya's suggestion and eat more bioflavonoids. I already take a gram or two of vitamin C a day as suggested by Linus Pauling.</p>
<p>I read recently peony root extract helps with autoimmune disorders. I'm going to try taking it to see if it will help with collagen issues.</p>
<p> </p>
 05/02/2012 05:36 PM

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I have had the same problem for years with veins bursting in hands and later in feet. I went to several doctors at top medical centers and spent countless $s, with no luck. I then started carefully analyzing what I ate, writing it down, not knowing if there was any allergic connection. I found a connection to grapes and grape juice. Not that that is everyone's solution, but that is not as easy to isolate as it sounds, because after cutting out all grapes, I found if I ate certain granola bars or cereals or took certain food supplements they would break. After carefully examining labels, I found manufacturers often sweeten even dry food products such as granola with grape juice. They don't necessarily list this on the label, it can be refered to as 'natural flavoring'. I began to stay away from all juices unless I made them myself, as they could be processed in machinery that processed grapes. It also doesn't help that a lot of fast food and other restaurants can also use grape juice or grape juice containing products in their food. So it's a perilous game to try to eliminate this from one's diet. But that helped explain why it only happened sporadically, because I only consumed grapes or grape juice very sporadically. The vein breaks would also cause small clots or purple 'bumps' in the palms of my hands. One vein doctor even showed me a similar small clot on the back of his thumb and told me it was possibly some nutritional deficiency, but the medical profession simply doesn't know. Drinking straight Acai juice also caused these, again I don't know if it was because Acai may be processed in grape juice processing machinery, or if it has similar allergens.
 02/29/2012 03:29 PM

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Hi TBC, [br]I have continued not taking any magnesium at all. The last time I tested this was some time ago, and then I still found a relationship between taking magnesium and getting more of the blood vessel popping. I haven't wanted to put my body through another test of it.[br]Now after a few years of not taking ANY magnesium, and also I took bioflavanoids for a while, (which did seem to help also), I have had a lot less popping blood vessels. None at all for about a year. Then recently one in my foot.[br]From what you've said I doubt that you have Renaud's disease. A lot of things are not well understood, and it is easy to jump to a diagnosis, just to call it something. [br]I have gone the direction of reducing almost all vitamins and minerals in supplement form. I don't take calcium either, even though the doctors recommend it for women my age. I have been doing better with no magnesium and no calcium. I DO eat EXTREMELY WELL. I eat lots of green veggies, and a range of colorful veggies, every day. I eat legumes on occasion. This diet produces ample calcium (women in india who eat lots of legumes have very low rates of osteoporosis compared to US women), plus the other minerals needed, and when minerals are obtained from food, they are in a natural balance that our bodies have adapted to over the millenia. Taking supplements I believe runs more risk of getting some minerals out of balance and throwing the system off. When I do take supplements I take food-based supplements, so they are more likely to have a balance of nutrients including things not yet discovered or identified that are in foods. [br]The only vitamin I now take on a regular basis is vitamin D during the winter, because I tested low for that. That vitamin is produced by the body when exposed to sunlight, and in northern climates, many people don't make enough.
 02/29/2012 03:16 PM

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Hi Di17, [br]Yes, I have noticed a connection between being very active and the blood vessels bursting. For example, occasionally if I am chopping lots of vegetables, this seems to precipate it due to the stress on my hand.[br]I can report that I have tried taking bioflavanoids in addition to having stopped taking all magnesium, and this seems to have made an improvement in my condition. I went perhaps a year without any more popping vessels. Then recently I had one in a foot. But only that one. Not a lot.[br]I tune in to the feeling of tingling that I can recognize tends to happen just prior to a pop, and stop the activity that might irritate the vessels. This helps also. However, I think getting exercise is really important, so I make sure I get regular exercise. There is clear evidence now that exercise helps the body repair tissue (autophage activity), in addition to other evidence of its value to health. So it might be valuable for you to cut back on things like standing in one place on a laddar, which is extra stressful to your feet. But I would encourage you to keep up moderate daily exercise.
 02/29/2012 08:53 AM

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Re: colorado and tbc posts...I have had these painful veins (twice now) on the bottom of my foot that start to tingle, feel itchy and then the most painful ache...then they have burst over night and create a magnificent bruise. I am femaile, 52, thin, on low dosage thyroid medication, have low blood pressure and low in iron. I get severe sinus headaches (sometimes migraines). I'm wondering if you were very active on your feet the day you had this problem? I was painting trim in my dining room and was up and down on a ladder for about and hour in my sock feet and I'm guessing this may have activated the painful vein that burst. I am too worried about these bursting veins and whether or not there are connections to aneurysms...I had a cousin who was 10 who died of one, as well as an aunt in her late 40's who died of an aneurysm. I wish there was more information available.
 01/17/2012 02:34 PM

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"Colorado" - I wanted to know if you are still finding the link between Magnesium and more bursting blood vessels. Because of your post, I am reducing my magnesium intake to see if it decreases my bursting blood vessels. I am mid-fifties. This started at least 20 years ago, but was infrequent. Now it happens about once a week. I have been taking lots of magnesium, so Colorado's post really jumped out at me. The bursting blood vessels happens in my feet, especially at my toe joints. It is much rarer for it to happen in my hands. It hurts really badly for about a minute, then I get a big bruise. I've called it "my exploding toes". I have been told that I might have Raynauds. Doctors always say they have no idea why this is happening. One doctor called it "fragile capillaries".
 05/07/2011 11:54 PM

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Pretty sure this is what it is about...

Paroxysmal finger hematoma (Achenbach syndrome)
 05/07/2011 09:06 PM

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I'm so glad to have found this forum. I have exactly the same problem, and a large vein in my right wrist just burst today. I also have had bleeding in the eyes, although it seems to have stopped since I started taking blood pressure medicine. I'm female, 55, heavy, not active, and have asthma and allergies. My allergies have been flaring up lately, so my diet has been rather restricted. Perhaps this is the connection, as some people have mentioned. I have had this probem for at least ten years, in the hands, feet, and eyes. Once I had a vein burst in my knee, but that's the closest to the trunk it has happened. I have no clue as to why my veins pop, but it's painful and scary. Today it happened as I was putting away laundry, so it's not as if I'm lifting weights or anything. If I see a doctor, I usually get a test for blood clotting factors, which comes back normal. Some of the ideas I have had with respect to causes have been diet (but I thought it was eating garlic and onions), high blood pressure, or fragile veins (my daughter has Marfans, so maybe I have some slight undetected defect of connective tissue).
 08/10/2010 01:03 PM

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I have had this problem of veins popping for no aparent reason also, for several years. I have found that magnesium makes this happen much more often. If I take a supplement with magnesium in it (for example a calcium and magnesium pill), my veins will start popping a lot. If I stop the supplement with magnesium, the vein popping almost stops. Even without taking extra magnesium I still have some significant popping trouble, but if I take magnesiums it gets to an extreme level. [br]I am 56 years old, female, don't smoke, have a good diet of mostly natural and whole foods. However, I have had some digestive trouble (not IBS, but some absorption trouble, and food sensitivities so that I need to rotate many foods). I have hay fever, but don't take any medications for that or for anything else. I have really low blood pressure, and a fairly low pulse rate. (resting at 60/min).[br]I wanted to share the magnesium connection I've noticed because my Mother (84) has the same thing. When she cut back on magnesium her hands no longer had popping blood vessels also.[br]I'd love to hear more ideas on solutions. I'll try the vitamin C & bioflavanoid connection.
 05/27/2010 01:55 PM

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[p]Wow, I did not know so many others had this issue, too. I didn't have too much of a concern about it, it was only happening in my fingers and maybe hands (with pain mostly PRIOR to what I have always said was my blood vessel/vein bursting) until it happened on the top of my foot and left a HUGE, non-painful bruise. What in the world is this? Well, I'm going to try 2 suggestions I found online (nothing medical really!).....bioflavonoids and Calcium Fluoride. Maybe after a couple of months I'll no longer have these? [/p][p]Next time I see my doc, I'll ask him what he thinks. My worry is what if this happens in the brain? I read where this happens in the eyes (thank goodness I've not had that), and one where it was the reason (per her ENT) for her PERMANENT hearing loss. Certainly sounds like this is an issue that needs answers![/p][p]I do agree, as I've read, that possibly it is more of a deficiency than anything else. I would rather take safe homeopathic then drugs, especially if doctors are just guessing at why these is occuring (or even worrying about it!).[/p][p]Good luck to all of you![/p]

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