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Varicose Veins

I wish never had Vnus Closure

Varicose Veins
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I wish never had Vnus Closure - May 26
I wish that I had never walked through my Dr's door on Febuary 10th 2005 and ever let them touch my leg! I am 33 years old and have fought with vericose veins and swelling ...
CTEV (Cool Touch Laser Surgery) - Sep 14
I am a 49 Yr old WF who went to Ky Vein Surgery in Lexington Ky for varicose veins. My intent was to have some schlerotherapy done as my legs has small varicositites which ...
Would NOT recommend VNUS Closure - Jul 06
I had the Closure vein ablation proceedure for painful varicose leg veins done by a vascular surgeon who has done many. I am greatful he also did phebectomy on my calf veins ...
Ms - Dec 07
Saphena stripping - my experience so far (continued) Hi. Well, I had my left safena stripped and a partial stripping of the right one (first signs of venous deficiency ...
Tumescent Sclerotherapy - Oct 23
I had a new treatent called tumescent enhanced sclerotherapy. It injects a fluid in the veins that makes them go away and another fluid around the veins that compresses ...
Posted: May 26, 2006 10:43
  • I wish never had Vnus Closure
    I wish that I had never walked through my Dr's door on Febuary 10th 2005 and ever let them touch my leg! I am 33 years old and have fought with vericose veins and swelling and aching for about the last 8 years approx. This aching was managable and was not consistantly there. My doctor told me one day one incsion and no pain. Huh, I had dark purple bruising from my calf to my groin, swelling that lasted for days, and as my vein started to harden (that's what I'm told it was doing) I literally felt like I had a stick inserted on the inside of my leg that was ripping from the inside out with every step. I had limited range of motion on my leg and limped for about six weeks. I went back to see my Dr and he proceeded to tell me I had small legs and sometimes on some people it takes around 6-8 weeks to strart feeling normal again....WHAT??? I'm thinking "That's not what anyone ever mentioned but I gave it a shot. I had a feeling deep down that my surgery was botched but the doctor denied it I just wanted my leg back and I wanted to believe in him, after all if he messed up my leg, how can you fix that? You can't just go out and buy a new leg. Well, it has been 15 weeks now and I have more pain in my leg now than I ever. I have a hard brown spot on the inside of my left leg that is about 3-4" long and the stick is still there, it doesn't hurt with every step, but it is still very tender and constantly aching and I can't sleep on my side very easily anymore because the pressure of my other leg touching it still wakes me with stabbing pains. I have throbbing from my ankle all the way up the inside of my leg to my groin and consistant aching and burning feeling in my left buttocks and down the back of my leg to the inside of my knee. If I cross my legs or sit for even a short time my leg starts to fall asleep. I want to cry and I have on several occasions. I try not to think about it because thinking about it only makes it worse and I keep praying that maybe someday I'll wake up and my leg will finally start healing. But, instead, I wake up to only be reminded by the pain. Not only that my original lower leg which had the majority of my complaints with aches and pains never went away and is now bigger and I also now have superficial phlebitis spots showing up all the time and I never had this before and my Dr. never even said anything about. I am saddened to see that there are other people all going through the same things. I am sad that our doctors sold us on a procedure promising hope and normalcy again. His assistant tells me that they haven't heard of anyone ever having any complications or complaints and by reading Vnus message boards on this site. I would say sadly she was wrong. I actually called my doctors office the other day and asked if there were any way to reverse it. She said no. I am going to keep researching the internet and asking questions and find a physician that can help me get my life back and I wish you all luck. I hope yours does better than mine.
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