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Restless Leg Syndrome

RLS versus varicose veins

Restless Leg Syndrome
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Restless Leg Syndrome cure - Mar 01
Hi. My mother, myself and one of my daughters all have this. I have found that Dolomite tablets or powder work wonders within less than half an hour. It's a natural combination ...
restless legs... Not just for the elderly - Sep 19
I'm a 33 yr old male. healthy, in good physical shape... not on any mediacation... & yet, I suffer from RLS. It's NOT just something that affects "older" people. ...
leg anxiety - Jul 21
I am 48 year old woman, having this disorder for more than 30 years. When I was a little girl, I suffered from it mostly once a year. Sometimes cought while waching a movie ...
My Restless Leg Cure! EDIT - Feb 22
I mistakenly wrote the wrong website on my other story. To Clarify: Vein Clinics of America www.veinclinics.com This site is quite informative regarding venous association ...
My Restless Leg Cure! - Feb 22
I suffered RLS and aching from my varicose veins. I was fortunate enough to have found Dr. Ted King in Chicago to treat my veins. Through ultrasound guided sclerotherapy ...
Posted: Feb 1, 2001 0:00
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  • RLS versus varicose veins
    I am a 42 year old female with serious varicose veins. Cosmetically only, there are no physical disabilities. I lived with it for 20 years together. I weigh 103 pounds, and am a twin with a female fraternal. Both of us and 4 other sibs are short and skinny. I am the only child with varicose veins. I have had them since I was fifteen years old. I have worked retail and been on my feet a lot. Also, I was an Insurance agent for 16 years and then began cleaning houses. I love the excercise of my work.

    Developed a twitch in right forefinger two years ago. Now, it happens to my thumb, too. I have the twitch daily, even when I am at rest. Began to show my 13 year old daughter when we would watch TV together. I don't anymore, but I show my husband. I feel a little weak and shakey in morning until I get to moving around. My lower back is also weak.

    My concern, me being the only female who carried on the "veins" with me, from both Mom and Dad, why am I feeling needle pains from my ankles to my shoulders? Is it more than RLS? Most bizarre area is the genital area, from the anus to the vaginal area.(not fun) I have needles and sharp pins, which make me jump and then makes my legs contract and jerk. My shoulders contract and hips are jerking spontaneously, every 30-40 seconds when at rest in afternoon.

    I started taking Calcium one month ago and nutrients as advised by a doctor friend. It has been getting worse, but is not intolerable, yet.

    I would also include that cleaning houses for a living,I am very active and feel great while moving. Have had a few back strains in the last year, but can't specifically relate these syptoms to any injury.

    Question to you would be, do I need a neurologist referal from my HMO, or sit tight and wait to see if it is just another old age ailment?

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  • By: : Feb, 12, 2015 04:23 AM

    I think you need a neurologist referal and get it checked. There are various kinds of diseases and disorders and you simply can't ignore that you are suffering from one. Health of a person is an asset and we should preserv it. Consult a doctor and take appropriate steps. Also health and wellness awareness is good habbit you should keep. You may want to read out my blog about generic levitra and Sexual issues over here: genericviagrakart.com as it also comprises of various other health problems whcih we face.


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