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Help is on the Way for Spider Veins

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Help is on the Way for Spider Veins

Help is on the Way for Spider Veins

August 23, 2005

By Shelagh McNally for Veins1

A Canadian biopharmaceutical company will be helping to eliminate those unsightly spider veins. In mid-July, Bioniche Life Sciences Inc. company announced that its Pharma Division has launched Sotradecol Injection (Sodium Tetradecyl Sulfate Injection), a drug shown to be an effective treatment of small, uncomplicated varicose veins.

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Common causes of varicose veins:

Hereditary – Varicose veins tend to run in the family

Pregnancy – Hormonal shifts often case spider and varicose veins

Weight gain

Poor circulation

Activities or occupations that require prolonged sitting or standing

Exposure to sun

Certain medications

“We are excited to be launching Sotradecol,” said Albert Beraldo, President & CEO of Bioniche Pharma Group Limited. “It is the only FDA-approved, currently available Sodium Tetradecyl Sulfate Injection in the U.S. market.”

Spider veins, also known as telangiectasias, are small, thin veins that lie close to the surface of the skin. These pinkish-red, blue or purple veins take on three distinct patterns. True spider shapes have a group of veins radiating outward from a dark central point. They can also resemble tiny branch-like shapes or appear as thin separate lines. It’s estimated that more than half the adult female population has some form of spider veins. While they can cause aching legs, their main affect is on our vanity since they give the skin a mottled look that can detract from the most shapely thigh, calf or ankle.

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Possible side effects after vein treatment:

Stinging or painful cramps at the site the injection

Red raised patches of skin

Small skin ulcers


Spots or brown lines around the vein being treated

Inflamed lumps of coagulated or congested blood

None of them symptoms are dangerous and will disappear over time. Applying heat and taking aspirin or anti-inflammation medication will help with the recovery.

Last year an estimated 1.7 million Americans sought treatment for spider veins. The most popular treatment is Sclerotherapy. This technique, performed by phlebologists or vascular specialists, involves injecting the varicose veins with a small quantity of a sclerosant drug. The sclerosant causes an irritation in the lining of the vein, causing it to collapse and seal shut thereby stopping the flow of blood through the vein. Eventually they become invisible. This procedure can be safely done in a doctor's office, requires no hospital stays, no stitches and no anesthesia. The patient can walk around as soon as the procedure is completed and follow-up involves wearing special elastic stockings. The American Academy of Dermatology states that most patients can expect a 50 to 90 percent improvement. A new and improved type of sclerotherapy called microsclerotherapy using better solutions and injection techniques is now being offered.

The procedure became so popular it created a nation-wide shortage of the drug needed. However with the approval of Sotradecol that shortage is now over. "The approval of Sotradecol by the FDA represents an exciting new breakthrough in the management of venous disease," said Dr. Neil S. Sadick, MD, FACP, FAACS, immediate Past President of the American College of Phlebology (New York). "The practicing phlebologist now has an approved standard option for treating his or her patients with both spider and varicose veins. This approval will have a major national impact, improving patient care in the U.S."

The Bioniche product (Sotradecol) will be available by mid-December in two strengths of one and three percent packaged in 2-millimeter vials.

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