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Dr. Timur Sarac August 2014
Dr. Timur Sarac: Developing Bioabsorbable Stents for Soldiers
Timur P. Sarac, MD, has worked at the Cleveland Clinic for sixteen years. Most of his work focuses on complex surgery cases. He’s also the vice chairman and a professor at the Case Western University School of Medicine. He received his medical degree from SUNY Buffalo School of Medicine in 1990. He completed his general surgery residency at the University of Rochester and his vascular surgery fellowship at the University of Florida. He has published over fifty articles and regularly speaks on advances in vascular surgery.

Dr. Joann Lohr July 2014
Dr. Joann Lohr: Protecting Pregnant Women from Vascular Issues
Joann Lohr, MD, has been practicing medicine for over twenty years. She received her medical degree from the University of Wisconsin in 1983. She studied internal medicine in residency programs at the University of Colorado and the Marshfield Clinic, and general surgery in a residency program at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Pontiac, Michigan. She completed a vascular fellowship in 1992 at Good Samaritan Hospital.

Dr. Glenn M. LaMuraglia December 2013
Dr. Glenn M. LaMuraglia: Lessons from the Boston Marathon Bombing
Dr. Glenn LaMuraglia is a vascular surgeon in Boston who treated victims from the Boston Marathon Bombing at Mass General Hospital.

Dr. Wayne Caputo July 2013
Dr. Wayne Caputo: Simplifying Treatment of Diabetic Ulcers
Dr. Wayne Caputo is the director of wound care at Mass Medical Center. His work simplifying the treatment of diabetic heel ulcers and forefoot ulcers is expediting the healing process and changing lives.

Dr. Tod Engelhardt April 2013
Dr. Tod Engelhardt: Combating Major Blood Clots
Dr. Tod Engelhardt is a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon who is revolutionizing the treatment of blood clots. His use of ultrasound technology, combined with a catheter to deliver clot dissolving drugs, is saving the lives of patients suffering from major pulmonary embolisms.

Christopher Kwolek February 2013
Dr. Christopher Kwolek: Pioneering New Blood Clot Treatments
Christopher Kwolek, M.D., is a vascular/endovascular surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital and directs the clinical training program that trains future vascular/endovascular specialists. He is pioneering a revolutionary treatment for severe blood clots.

mark garcia January 2013
Dr. Mark Garcia: Curing Chronic Venous Disease
Dr. Mark Garcia, MD, is an interventional radiologist who practices in the state of Delaware at Christiana Care, a large tertiary care facility. He's researching new treatments for chronic venous disease.

Dr. Robert Merchant Jr. August 2009
Dr. Robert F. Merchant Jr.: A Leader in Varicose Veins Treatment
Dr. Merchant has spent the past 10 years developing a vein practice at the RENO VEIN CLINIC in Reno, Nevada where he focuses primarily on the treatment of vascular diseases of the vein and skin. He launched a comprehensive treatment program called PROREJUVENATION®.

Dr. Roger M. Greenhalgh October 2007
Dr. Roger M. Greenhalgh: Vascular Surgeon and Patient Advocate
"You can look after patients in your own community," said Roger M. Greenhalgh, MD, professor of surgery at Imperial College, London. But if you do clinical trials properly, "you can bring the optimal treatment to a large population of patients all over the world."

Dr. Stephen F. McCartney June 2007
Dr. Stephen F. McCartney: Providing Medical Care For Our Troops
In February 2003, Captain Stephen F. McCartney, M.D., United States Navy, arrived at Logistical Support Area Coyote, on the Iraq-Kuwaiti border, to wait for the U.S. attack on Iraq. Dr. McCartney was a surgeon, preparing to treat the injured American forces – as well as the injured enemy prisoners and civilians.

Dr. Peter RF Bell April 2007
Dr. Peter RF Bell: Innovation in Vascular Surgery
In the late 1960s, Dr. Bell recalls in his Yorkshire accent, he wanted to be part of a new, evolving medical specialty. So he went into vascular surgery and transplantation, which was just getting started. He left Scotland for the U.S., and returned to teach. So he's at home in America, where he's often invited back to lecture.

Dr. Giorgio Biasi July 2006
Dr. Giorgio Biasi: Pioneering Embolism Diagnosis Methods

Dr. Cynthia Shortell February 2006
Dr. Cynthia Shortell: Offering Patients Options in Vascular Surgery

Dr. Marius Saines July 2005
Dr. Marius Saines: Spreading the Word on Minimally Invasive Surgery

Dr. Gregory Spitz April 2005
Dr. Gregory Spitz: Illuminating a New Method in Vascular Surgery

Dr. Frank J. Veith April 2004
Dr. Frank J. Veith: Promoting Vascular Surgery to Improve Results

Dr. Michael Probstfeld May 2003
Dr. Michael Probstfeld: Shedding New Light on Vein Care

Dr. Garth Rosenberg October 2002
Dr. Garth Rosenberg: On the Cutting Edge of Venous Care

Dr. Kenneth Harper September 2002
Dr. Kenneth Harper: Patient Care and Education Highlight Practice

Professor Ralf Kolvenbach November 2000
Professor Ralf Kolvenbach: International Specialist in Vein Health Care

Dr. Steven Elias July 2000
Dr. Steven Elias: Teaching Vein-Disease Treatments

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Varicose Vein
By adrianwillson

Posted: Oct 13, 2018
In most cases the varicose veins doesn't cause any pain but it looks ugly. So treatment of varicose veins required and vein care must be done by the people. Giving a visit the to the vein doctor is ...

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Dr. Timur Sarac

Dr. Timur Sarac:

Developing Bioabsorbable Stents for Soldiers
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